Just One Bite

One bite…

That’s all it takes to change your life forever.

Hmm…that sounds like some kind of cheesy infomercial line you’d hear on television in the early morning hours. But we’re not talking about miracle makeup or a magic pill to help you lose weight. No, tonight, we’re talking about how one bite opens a doorway into a world where darkness rules and every whim is possible.

Mind you I said darkness, not evil.

In this realm, vampires rule the night. They walk among the living, another species mankind was never meant to contend with. But the battle is not what calls to us…it’s the bite.

The unspoken promise of forever is what draws us in. The lure of something different…



A life bordering on the edge of darkness where there is no fear, consequences or rules.

How far into the darkness are you willing to go…for a bite?

Vampires are capable of challenging death, staring the Reaper in the face and saying, “bring it on”. Imagine, for a moment, the possibility of an endless stretch of nights before you. What could you accomplish? What could you learn?

Most important, how would you live? You could choose good…or maybe…not.

The entire world placed before your feet, for only the paltry price of a little, tiny bite.

Would you answer yes on a breath of pleasure?

I would.

Oh, but vampires offer so much more than immortality. They offer a life on the fringes, somewhere between darkness and light. A constant push/pull between what makes them human and the predators they are. The kiss of darkness on their soul beckons to an elemental aspect of our humanity. For we fear death and they own it.

Command it.

Wield it like a shield before them, cutting down any who cross their path. Wicked, gleaming fangs bore to those who dare challenge their power.

A being so in command they instill submission in their prey with the slightest press of sharp teeth against warm flesh. Own a gaze intense enough to heat you from the inside out from a mere glance in your direction. Entice you to cross the threshold of day into eternal night because, deep down, you know it’s where you belong.

All you have to do is tilt your head.

Are you with me?

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