The Unsung Hero

© 2012 by Heather Palmer

Today is the launch of my blog site. I had planned on giving you a blog about the Law of Attraction, but as I lay in the dark in the early morning hours in the warmth and safety of my bed another topic infiltrated my thoughts. As a writer we are often asked to create larger than life characters, heroes or alpha males with a sexual potency alluring enough to ensnare even the most unsuspecting reader into the clutches of our stories.

This week another anniversary of 9/11 will pass, a day in America that will mark our history for eternity. Last night, I sat with my 11-year old nephew on the couch astounded and proud he was so moved by the two-hour documentary recounting the events of that awful day. As we watched, I recalled where I had been on September 11th, 2001; once more cocooned in the comfort of my bed as the world around me trembled.

I have been to the site of the twin towers where they once stood in all their glory. I have touched the names engraved into the wall of the many who gave their lives on that terror-filled day. I have also touched the names of many who have done the same in the name of our country in Washington D.C. The somberness is prevalent at all of these places and will always be present, but burning bright as we work to re-build the towers, hope burns like a living, breathing flame.

A hero can be anyone. Man or woman, adult or child, and sometimes…maybe not even human. Not so long ago there was a commercial on television that always brought tears to my eyes every time I saw it. It showed normal, everyday people doing something nice for someone else out of the sheer kindness of their hearts. These are the unsung heroes I speak of.

The world is composed of people who do this on a daily basis and without tribute or even so much as a thank you. Many of these same people were among the nearly three thousand that gave the greatest sacrifice of all: their lives. I encourage all of you to take a moment this week to stop and look for the unsung heroes in your world and thank them.

To all of you who have given, might give and will give your lives for this country; I thank you.

And most of all…we will never forget.